I work with stoneware fired in a gas-fired soda kiln. The soda ash introduced into the kiln reacts with the surface texture, glazes, and slips on my pieces. I enjoy the way the soda ash dances around the kiln and creates an irregular, unpredictable effect on each piece. The variability in airflow, temperature, and soda ash ensures that each piece is unique. My forms are influenced by the organic, ever changing world around us. Like nature, my work is constantly evolving. I work in incremental series. Each subsequent series builds on the concepts of the predecessor. This allows me to build on my successes and address the shortcomings. I also use this opportunity to branch off and explore new ideas.

An important component of the development of my work is my interaction with other potters. I have found the potting community to be very supportive and I value their input and feedback. I find that our conversations and their questions spark ideas and help me critically reevaluate my work.

In addition to my discussions with other artisans, I also value the time I spend in quiet observation of my own work. Much like planting a garden or watching the rebirth of the forest every spring, I patiently look for the growth and opportunity in my work. I have an appreciation for change and embrace it.

- Sarah Burns